Connect your people to information securely to encourage collaboration and innovation.

SharePoint is a leading document management and collaboration tool. It provides effortless, secure, and trackable collaboration.

The solution saves you a lot of time when collaborating on projects and integrates perfectly with other Microsoft solutions. This allows you to set up time-saving automations.

At Cleverbit Software, we can help with the setup, customisation and integrations of cloud-hosted and on-premise SharePoint platforms.


Increased collaboration

Improved content management

Consistent UX

Improve innovation

Satisfies regulations

What we can do with SharePoint

Promote more effective team collaboration by bringing the organisation together around SharePoint for all its information and collaboration needs.

We can be entrusted with analysing business processes and develop workflows in SharePoint to increase efficiency.

We can also extend SharePoint out-of-the-box workflow capabilities to suit specific business needs. This helps empower administrators and users with more functionality than provided with out-of-the-box features.

Trust us with your project

Our years of experience with SharePoint, and the related skills which our developers have amassed during these years, allows us to tailor the solution to your very specific needs.

Thanks to the open architecture of SharePoint which allows for easy integration, and other third-party applications, we can help your company in its digital transformation journey. This leads to an increase in the company’s productivity through more empowered employees and efficient processes.

We can also create additional custom functionality for you based on your specific requirements. This is especially relevant since SharePoint has tight integration with Microsoft 365 as well as other Microsoft solutions such as Power Apps and Power Automate.

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