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Besides looking good and providing a great customer experience, today’s web applications need to be fast and responsive, from back to front.

Web applications need to feel like desktop applications, performing a lot of complex operations while remaining fast.

To achieve this, one can use a framework that allows for the building of single-page applications (SPAs). Once the application is loaded, only data will be transacted along the way without reloading the entire page.

One popular JavaScript framework to build such rich web application interfaces is React.

At Cleverbit Software, we are experienced in developing responsive applications using React for our clients. Above all, this allows them to provide the best possible experience to their customers.

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What we can do with React

React is a view library rather than a full framework. So it is much less complicated than Angular and lends itself better in some situations. more importantly, it is very fast too and its uses are limitless.

At Cleverbit Software, these are just some of the services that we can provide:

Migrate old websites using old JavaScript libraries to make them more responsive and maintainable;

Improve the user interface of websites written in server-side technologies such as ASP.NET MVC by writing their front-end in React;

Add a front-end to an existing API;

Develop a responsible Single Page Application in React;

Trust us with your project

At Cleverbit Software, we have been involved in projects using React for many years. Our React developers are knowledgeable and very experienced, creating React solutions that are robust and innovative.

One of these projects involved building a Self-Service Portal for a SaaS product. The web portal allows people to submit any required information directly (including uploading any documents).

More importantly they can also track the status of the information they submitted, and act on it if additional requirements are flagged. Users of the portal may login using a selection of third-party providers via OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect.

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