Powering up operations with MS Power Platform

October 05, 2020

Case Study

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We were approached by one of our clients, a medium–sized FMCG importer, with a brief to identify areas within their operation where processes can be automated and also to explore ways how existing data from a myriad of systems could be leveraged to provide insights. They also identified the need to reduce pressure on their IT team whenever the development of applications that assisted in the automation of processes and the provision of intelligence were required by other teams within the company.

Our client was feeling the pressure from more nimble competitors, and was finding it difficult to react since their key processes were still very manual and paper based. Different departments within the company also relied on third-party applications with costly license and maintenance costs.

“It was a tall order, and yet transforming the business became a necessity for the business to survive. We needed a way for all the diverse systems to talk to each other, we needed to connect a variety of data sources. We also had to understand which processes could be automated, and how to go about this. All this without increasing the pressure on our IT Team who were already under a lot of pressure. This is where Cleverbit Software came into the picture.”

“Today the IT team is no longer seen as a blocker, but they are the enablers. Application Development has been speeded up and Cleverbit Software have also empowered non–developers to create applications and automated workflows themselves.”

“And since MS Power Apps work in the cloud, we didn’t need to install anything on people’s laptops and we always know that employees have the latest applications. “

“Today our employees can make better decisions, faster, through an improved access to the required insights. Empowering employees has also increased job satisfaction as they can focus on tasks where they can use their creativity, rather than wasting time on repetitive and boring processes.”

Headquartered in Europe, Cleverbit Software is a prominent custom software development company, employing over 70 skilled professionals across the EU, UK and US. Specialising in custom software for business efficiency, we work with a diverse international clientele in various industries including banking and insurance, SaaS, and healthcare. Our commitment to solving problems and delivering solutions that work makes us a trusted partner with our clients.

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