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Empowering developers to create innovative software solutions

At Cleverbit Software, we believe that by combining a flexible working environment with a culture of continuous learning, we can drive better results. That’s why we put our people first and go above and beyond to give our team members nothing but the best.

By joining our team, you can also expect to work on innovative solutions used on an international scale.

Our people come from all around the world as we aim to attract the best people, wherever these may be, for a career at Cleverbit Software.

We are an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity, and we welcome candidates to work with us from any gender, race, religion, age, and sexual orientation.

Our recruitment process

The recruitment process at Cleverbit Software has been designed to be as transparent as possible. Based on a 5-phase process, candidates will be able to move from one phase to another quickly with touchpoint at every phase. This ensures that only the best fit candidates are chosen to be part of our extraordinary team. The process also allows all candidates to fully understand our business and our unique corporate culture.


CV Processing

To determine whether you possess the required skills and experience for the job.


HR Call

Brief call to get to know each other better.


Technical Call

15-30 min call to assess technical fit.


Practical Task

Allows us to explore your skills and aptitudes related to the role.


Final Call

A chat with the team to discuss the task and any pending questions.

Benefits for our people

Competitive salary

28 days vacation leave

Health Insurance

Fully remote

Career development budget

Great colleagues

Fast-paced projects

Flexible arrangements

Work your hours

Extra work rewarded

Complementary hardware

Leading technologies

Kubernetes Engineer

  • Minimum 3 years' experience in Azure cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes development and administration in a production environment.

  • Expertise in containerisation and Kubernetes.

  • Experience working with GitOps tools like Flux.

  • Strong working experience with IaC tools like Terraform.

  • Experience working with Helm and YAML scripts.

  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Azure, ideally their Platform as a Service offerings (Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure SQL, Key Vault, etc.).

  • Experience working across both Linux and Windows.

  • Excellent skills in PowerShell.

  • Effective source control management with Git.

  • Build and Release Management using Azure DevOps or a similar product.

  • Experience monitoring large distributed systems using technologies such as ELK, Datadog, Prometheus and tooling provided by cloud platform vendors.

  • Awareness and interest in technology trends to adopt new cutting-edge tools.

  • BSc degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

  • Preferably acquired one or more Kubernetes certifications (Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified Kubernetes Application Developer).

  • Aptitude for learning new technologies.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.

Senior Full-Stack Developer

  • Experience in C# and ASP.NET.

  • Experience with ASP.NET Web API or MVC.

  • 4+ years of experience in Angular 9+.

  • A strong grasp of object-oriented concepts.

  • Understands Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Proficient with AngularJS and JavaScript.

  • BSc degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

  • Aptitude for learning new technologies.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.

  • Familiar with GIT, Azure DevOps or JIRA is considered an asset.

Marketing Executive

  • Collaborate with R&D and technical teams to maintain and improve SEO.

  • Measure and report on key performance indicators (such as website traffic, SEO ranking, and social media engagement) from various industry standard tools, and extract insights that inform the marketing strategy.

  • Actively engage with the online community on social media channels by crafting compelling posts, stories, and other formats that capture the brand's voice, while simultaneously responding to comments, inquiries, and feedback to foster positive interactions and brand loyalty.

  • Manage a content calendar and liaise with contributors to ensure timely delivery of high-quality content such as blog posts and short-form content. · Implement marketing campaigns and adverts across various channels based on pre-defined strategies.

  • Identify and test new marketing tactics to drive growth.

  • Oversee consistent implementation of brand guidelines across all marketing materials and channels (including social media) to ensure a cohesive brand identity.

  • Conduct research on current marketing trends to inform our strategies.

  • Act as the liaison for creating designs and videos, coordinating with external agencies or freelancers as needed.

  • Undergo training to stay updated on the latest marketing trends and tools.

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