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Cleverbit was founded on a solid set of principles and with the intent to be an ethical technology partner to clients that see things the way we do.

Who we are

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Here's what our clients say about us

Efficient, fast, highly skilled and absolutely professional.

Their ability to take concepts and run with them. Extreme expertise, honesty, and ability to deliver strongly in short time scales.
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Jonathan Boyd

Head of Product Strategy and Innovation

Prophecy International
I feel that apart from the greater character of the team members I dealt with, they all had great capabilities in understanding what was needed from me, and their experience made them deliver the idea in the shortest amount of time. Any changes were also understood and promptly actioned.
Logo of VJ Salomone Marketing

Gordon Baldacchino


VJ Salomone Marketing
I’ve worked for this company for over 20 years and have long dreamed of sharing critical insights buried in our vast data stores. Cleverbit helped make this dream come true – it’s been absolutely amazing to see it become a reality for our clients!
Logo of Datascan, LP

Herb Billings

Vice President Product Strategy

Datascan, LP
The two projects, as well as other light customisations that were carried out, have made life simpler and contributed significantly to more effective workflows and communication.
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Bryan Saliba

Head of IT

I’ve never seen a project delivered so quickly – especially with so many complexities and variables that could go wrong. The rollout was a global one with localisation done for multiple websites in Europe and the US.
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Michael Ward


There is absolutely no distinction between Cleverbit Software’s developers and our own in-house team. We are one team working together towards the same goals.
Logo of Revoke

Gina Foster


What I was impressed with during our discussions with Cleverbit was their approach to extensively analysing the requirements and considering the best approach that could meet budget and time constraints without compromising performance and security.
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Mohamed Orikat


The team at Cleverbit has been exceptional in implementing the solution. The daily meetings and open communication have significantly improved the efficiency of the delivery process. We are confident in the long-term maintainability of our system thanks to the focus on scalability and implementation of automated testing.
Logo of Gulf Winds

Alysse Ligon

Product Owner

Gulf Winds
Cleverbit were always transparent, acted very professionally and ensured client is continuously involved throughout the project. Methodology used worked very well. Also Cleverbit were continuously committed to the client ensuring solution meets client's expectations.
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Angelo Pickard


Malta International Airport

Your Business Transformation Journey


We help you gather, process and analyse your data to automate your reporting for data-driven decisions, analytics, and real-time dashboards.

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We automate your manual work. Eliminate repetitive tasks, connect systems and streamline processes.

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Our Core Principles

At Cleverbit Software, we pride ourselves on the way we conduct business. Our core principles guide every aspect of our work and ensure a strong foundation for successful partnerships.

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We take the time to understand

Nobody understands your business like you do. We always start by asking questions and learning as much as possible.

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We actually care

We constantly seek to do right by all those we interact with, striving to fulfil the purpose behind Cleverbit’s creation – conducting business ethically.

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We say it the way it is

We value transparency because we like to know where we stand. And we return this courtesy.

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We’re focused and intentional

We are deliberate in our actions and make sure that the team is aligned on what the project aims to achieve.

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We team up

Cleverbit partners up with your business, bringing software development prowess and a constant focus on your ROI the way only Cleverbit can.

Cleverbit's benefits

We’re your typical software development house. Only without all the annoying bits. Instead, we offer a whole lot of benefits.

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We say it the way it is.

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Operational Efficiency

Just the tech you need, nothing more.

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Business First

Tech built to serve the bottom line.

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Open Comms

We hear you, and always keep you in the loop.

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Proven Track Record

All clients - satisfied!

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We've worked with Microsoft tech for decades.

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Dream Team

Expertise and technical know-how.

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No Language Barrier

We all speak English, simple.

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