Making the most of Microsoft 365 in the retail sector

October 05, 2020

Case Study

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Our customer is a group of companies made up of a number of unrelated retail and distribution businesses across different territories. Head Office plays a very important role even in the day-to-day operations since a lot of the administrative processes within the different businesses are centralised with head office involvement.

Cleverbit’s role in the project happened after the company introduced the latest Microsoft 365 tools within all subsidiaries. This brought about some obvious benefits, primarily related to providing the ability to employees to work from home; something which turned out to be providential when the Covid-19 pandemic ensued.

“We had been planning the upgrade to Microsoft 365 for quite some time, and started working on the project through our IT Team at the beginning of January. So by the time the pandemic happened, we were already using some of the tools in the suite. Other tools, such as OneDrive and SharePoint, as well as Teams became more important as the pandemic ensued and we decided to ask our head office employees to work from home. At the same time we needed to optimise our internal processes to make sure that emnployees are focused on more critical areas of the businesses such as the handling of home deliveries.”

“We understood that most of the operational issues we were facing could be helped by making better use of the tools we had, but we also knew that we needed outside help for this. It is at this point that we approached Cleverbit Software.”

“They helped us make improvements across all areas of the business, automating some of the processes and integrating the different components to drastically reduce the manual effort.”

“This is what synergy is about. Cleverbit helped us in achieving far beyond what each tool was helping achieve on its own.”

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Malta, Cleverbit Software is a prominent custom software development company, employing over 70 skilled professionals across Europe. Specialising in custom software for business efficiency, we cater to a diverse international clientele, including sectors in Malta, Luxembourg, Denmark, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Our commitment to delivering tailored, industry-specific software solutions makes us a trusted partner in driving business innovation and efficiency.

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