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Helping you leverage the power of the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Many businesses today are leveraging the power of the cloud to execute on their technology strategy faster.

Cloud reduces the upfront infrastructure costs and long-term maintenance costs, increasing efficiency. It also has built-in security and scales as your business scales with minimal effort.

Microsoft Azure is one of the main players in the cloud computing industry and we have been using this technology in many of our projects.

To maximise the benefits of this technology your software has to be designed in a way that leverages available services and makes efficient use of CPU, memory and storage resources.

Above all, building software that leverages cloud services and makes efficient use of cloud resources is what Cleverbit Software does best.


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What we can do with MS Azure

Because MS Azure is such a powerful tool, the array of services we can offer is very wide.

Firstly, let us focus on the capability that MS Azure provides in supporting Data Warehouse projects. By leveraging Azure SQL, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure API, Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Lake functionality, we build low-cost, high performing, enterprise class Data Warehouse solutions in the cloud. These solutions are highly elastic and scalable, which gives you full control over your cost whilst taking advantage of the performance of the separate computing and storage architecture.

Then, we can leverage the services offered as part of our software design and architecture and capitalise on services and technologies offered. These include Virtual Machines and App Services, Server-less technologies, NoSQL databases, and Azure CDN to optimise the delivery of static content. In addition to these, we can use Azure AD to enable single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication features. Our team can also help you leverage Azure Cognitive Search for powerful and fast queries.

Trust us with your project

Throughout these years we have worked on numerous MS Azure projects.

Improving efficiency and helping customers make the right strategic decisions are at the core of our Data Warehouse projects. We enable our small to medium enterprise customers with the most cost effective access to Data Warehousing, ensuring they too have the competitive advantage of a large scale organisation.

One of these projects involved our team helping a ship certification company leverage Azure machine learning services. This was used to train a model that can classify measurements as acceptable or flag ones that seem to fall outside the allowed margins. The company previously employed engineers taking multiple days to come up with certain assessments.

Another project included helping a client scale their application to millions of users worldwide. This included leveraging many different services to design the system for such scale.

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