Moving your retail shop online with Shopify

October 05, 2020

Case Study

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One of our clients is a small UK retailer with three brick–and–mortar stores located in the high street of three northern towns.

The client was very active on social media with a good number of followers and wanted to leverage that. The next logical step to further engage customers online, and also to counter the negative trend affecting the retail sector in the UK, was to build an online store, and they reached out to Cleverbit Software through a partner to get this done.

“The people at Cleverbit guided us throughout the process to help us understand our needs and the features that were required to address these. Besides setting up our e-commerce business with available features, they also added some custom functionality and integrated the online shop with social media feeds and this gave us the ability to sell products via Facebook to our 120,000 followers.”

“But our discussions were not only about the present, but also about what our needs would look like in the future. It was reassuring to know that Shopify offers a very rich app store to add specialised features and that the platform can scale well as the business scales. And it was equally reassuring that Cleverbit Software would be there if we needed them to support us.”

“The upfront technology cost was very reasonable, which was perfect for a company like ours that had a limited budget and was just starting the e-commerce journey. Also, since Shopify works with a fixed monthly fee and pre-set transaction fees for the entire platform, we had full control over expenses without any surprises along the way.”

“Shopify is a secure platform which addresses our needs in all the areas that are important for any e-commerce business. With the help of Cleverbit Software, we can manage the complexities around order management and fulfilment, and also in the area of customer acquisition through very effective marketing features. Shopify helped us improve SEO, allows for easy sharing on social media, caters for email marketing and marketing automation and also helps us setup discount codes that can be used by our retail customers when purchasing online.”

“With Shopify, and the people at Cleverbit Software by our side, we have a solution that allowed us to start selling online in a few days and scale through various channels, while managing the entire show from one common platform.”

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