Leveraging the power of SharePoint to improve operations

October 05, 2020

Case Study

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One of our customers is a large company in Oil and Gas. They reached out to Cleverbit Software after they had already set up MS SharePoint for their intranet but needed our help to customise some of the existing features and create new ones according to their specific requirements.

The company had an on-premise SharePoint environment set up as a document management system hosting documents related to vacation leave and other types of absences. The client wanted us to automate the leave management process as much as possible to provide employees with real time access to their records, reduce the time spent by HR in handling queries, reduce paperwork and manual workflows and provide department managers with forecasts of booked leave.

Within 3 months, we developed a provider-hosted SharePoint add-In to track leave. Users could input leave and timesheet transactions which would then feed into the payroll system. We also implemented features to access generated payslips, customise the parameters used to compute leave balances and allow for different types of leave. We invested time to build a user interface based on SharePoint’s look and feel, making it blend seamlessly into the overall SharePoint site and thus making it’s adoption by staff much easier.

Other projects we worked on using SharePoint included a company involved in the retail of consumer electronics, where we were involved in the setting up of the workflows related to the approval of quotes and purchase orders. In another company, a leading FMCG importer, we developed systems for managing meeting minutes through light customization of a SharePoint site as well as a suite of custom actions which can be used by administrators in SharePoint Designer to create more powerful workflows to automate business processes in SharePoint.

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