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Leverage the power of Azure Cosmos DB with Cleverbit Software

To begin with, Azure Cosmos DB is a database service provided by Microsoft within Microsoft Azure. It is globally-distributed and generally considered to be NoSQL.

Azure Cosmos DB is made up of data items within containers that are then exposed in different formats depending on the APIs used to access the data. These include the SQL API, MongoDB, and Gremlin.

At Cleverbit Software, we use a number of different databases including SQL Server, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS, and Redis.

Primarily, Azure Cosmos DB is the database technology that we have extensive experience in. As a result, our team has used it successfully in projects that went from an MVP stage to scaling globally.

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We work with Azure Cosmos DB

After that, we offer other related services including:

Architecting the database in a way that the containers are provisioned optimally depending on the application;

Leverage SQL and Graph APIs to query the documents stored in the database containers;

Use globally distribution features such as multi-master to scale the database or conform to jurisdiction and legal requirements;

Build .NET applications leveraging this technology for data storage.

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Our developers and architects are very experienced in the use of a number of different databases including SQL Server, Azure SQL, Amazon RDS, and Redis.

However, Azure Cosmos DB is one of our preferred options and we have worked with this technology in a number of important projects.

Generally, it was the perfect solution with many of the queries required by the application being simple comparisons, always hitting the indexes, and having a lot of reads from different regions.

The product also uses Azure Cognitive Search for the few complex queries which Azure Cosmos DB isn’t ideal for.

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