Supporting AAA with an Indian Food Friday Lunch

February 16, 2024


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Last week, Eman Tanti Dougall embarked on a culinary adventure, crafting some Indian cuisine at home. Impressed by his own creation, he couldn’t resist sharing it with his colleagues at the office, proposing to whip up a similar feast for Friday’s lunch.

Ali, intrigued yet sceptical, was the first to volunteer a taste test. His reaction was a mix of politeness and critique, hinting it lacked the zest, flavour, and key ingredients that reminisced his mother’s cooking. Eman, disheartened yet open to feedback, found an unexpected ally in Ali, who offered to join forces in the kitchen.

Gabriel, sensing an opportunity for a bit of fun, pitched the idea of a cook-off, turning the kitchen into a battleground of culinary skills. The challenge was met with enthusiasm, transforming into an office-wide event with a charitable twist: contributions would be made to the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA), turning our gastronomic showdown into a cause for paws.

Dog looking through fence

The company, getting wind of this initiative, pledged to match the funds raised, adding a layer of corporate support to our communal effort. Anticipation built as a poster circulated, drumming up excitement for the impending culinary face-off.

Cookoff between Ali and Eman

Come Friday, the office buzzed with anticipation, ready to indulge in the flavours of India. Both dishes, each a testament to the chefs’ dedication, were met with applause, making it impossible to declare a clear victor. Instead, the decision was made to extend the challenge, promising another round of delicious competition.

Two cooked dishes of Indian curry

Our efforts culminated in a generous donation of 500 Euros to AAA, a gesture that extended beyond the confines of our office to touch the lives of animals in need.

Cleverbit handing a donation to AAA

As we made our contribution, the seeds of tradition were sown—pondering the possibility of making this a monthly event, with whispers of Cuban cuisine next on the docket, casting a hopeful glance at Abel.

This culinary journey not only filled our stomachs but also our hearts, proving that food, competition, and charity can indeed create a recipe for success.

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