Let us help you leverage the power of the cloud with AWS

To begin with, many businesses today are leveraging the power of the cloud to execute on their technology strategy faster.

Above all, Cloud reduces the upfront infrastructure costs and long-term maintenance costs, increasing efficiency. It also has built-in security and scales as your business scales with minimal effort.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the main players in the cloud computing industry and we have been using AWS in many of our projects.

To maximise the benefits of this technology your software has to be designed in a way that leverages available services. More importantly, it needs to make efficient use of CPU, memory and storage resources.

Above all, building software that leverages cloud services and makes efficient use of cloud resources is what Cleverbit Software does best.


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What we can do with AWS

At Cleverbit Software we can build and host applications on AWS and leverage AWS technologies. This is an important part of our software design and architecture.

We can also help with the migration of software from other platforms to an existing AWS architecture.

Above all, we can help design scalable and fault-tolerant systems. As a result, companies can develop their features rather than waste time on infrastructure, and optimise the cost of running the managed infrastructure.

Trust us with your project

Throughout these past years, we have worked on various projects which involved some form of Amazon Web Services.

Particularly, in these projects, we were able to leverage and work with different types of services. This included Lambda for serverless computing, ElastiCache for managed Redis, managed Elasticsearch, and others, to satisfy the needs of different types of applications.

Finally, we have also set up an elaborate architecture that includes managed databases (RDS), load balancing, and CloudFront, among other things.

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