Maximising Your Custom Software Project: What to Expect In Our Requirements Gathering Workshop

January 29, 2024

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What to Expect in Our Discovery Workshops?

Before embarking on a software project, we conduct a detailed workshop with the client. These workshops, typically 1.5 to 2 hours long, are crucial for understanding the requirements of the software project. These sessions are free of charge, do not require any commitment from the client, and take place after a high-level introductory call.

Why a Workshop Instead of a Direct Software Project Quotation?

After our introductory call, where we get an overview of the client’s challenges, a more in-depth workshop is necessary for a precise software project quotation. During this workshop, we seek to clarify and understand:

And a lot more.

This detailed understanding is vital for providing a realistic estimate for the custom software, as the information from the initial call often lacks the depth needed for accurate planning.

How to Prepare for the Workshop

The client’s preparation for the workshop is straightforward. It is essential that the attendees are individuals familiar with the problem at hand. Materials that can facilitate a more productive workshop include:

While there are minor preparations the client can make before the workshop, the presence of individuals directly affected by the pain points is most important. The workshop is an opportunity for us to walk through the process, identifying what is working, what isn’t, and how custom software can address these issues. Any material relevant to these processes and integrations with systems can be helpful, but it’s not mandatory, as we can request additional details during the proposal stage for the software project.

What is the Result of the Workshop

Following the workshop, we prepare a full-fletched proposal, with details that include:

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