Moving Beyond Spreadsheets: The Indispensable Shift to Business Automation

November 07, 2023

Opinion Piece

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Article by Jaques Barnard

Business Development Manager at Cleverbit Software

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In this article:

Building on my exploration of business challenges and the critical role of technology in resolving them, I wish to delve into a common phenomenon today: the pervasive reliance on Excel for managing business operations.

While Excel has played a pivotal role for businesses for decades, is it truly equipped to manage your growing business needs in the digital age?

The Excel Epoch

Without a doubt, Excel, with its robust features, remarkably serves businesses of all sizes by managing data, performing financial calculations, and even facilitating rudimentary data analysis. But as businesses evolve, so do their complexities and demands for real-time data access, collaborative working, and advanced analytics. Here, Excel may pose limitations and risks.

Stumbling Over Spreadsheets

In my experience with growing businesses, I’ve seen multiple departments manage their data through disparate Excel sheets. Everything, from inventory and orders to customer data and financials, is confined to siloed spreadsheets. This impedes real-time visibility and collaborative access to data. Errors from manual entries, outdated information, and the sheer volume of spreadsheets to manage, result in inefficiencies, uninformed decision-making, and an unquantifiable amount of wasted time.

The Need for Structured Software Solutions

Given these challenges, businesses must consider a transformative shift towards structured software solutions, which not only streamline data management and operations but also introduce automation in reporting and workflows.

Business automation through structured software solutions is not merely a trend, but an essential move towards ensuring scalability, efficiency, and informed decision-making. As businesses bid farewell to the Excel epoch and embrace integrated solutions, they unlock new potentials in data management, analytics, and operational excellence. The journey from spreadsheets to automation may well dictate the pace at which businesses navigate through future complexities and opportunities.

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