Meet the Team: Cenk Erdogan

August 19, 2022

Meet the Team

Cenk Erdogan

Discover the story of one of our Cleverbit team members, whose fascination with technology began in high school with his first HTML code. His day starts with an early morning swim, followed by a structured plan to tackle the day’s biggest challenges. He believes in sticking to his morning routine to set the right tone for his day. His professional inspiration came from his first manager, a technical architect who taught him valuable lessons in problem-solving. Joining Cleverbit was a leap taken after a decade of experience in Poland, drawn by the prospect of returning to a software house environment. He’s currently involved in a project that’s both challenging and enriching, learning new aspects in his field. Working remotely during the pandemic, he values the friendly and supportive culture at Cleverbit. Outside of tech, he had once considered a career in dentistry but has no regrets about his path in technology.

Team photo of Cenk Erdogan

In high school, I remember creating code in HTML – I was fascinated with how the code created a specific result. Before then, I played digital games, but I don’t consider them as tech, and I wasn’t really interested in how games are made. The first time that I looked behind the scenes was the first HTML I created.

Describe your day-to-day routine, if you have one.

I wake up very early and go swimming! After that, it’s breakfast, and I’ll look over my daily plan to see what I’m going to do that day. I try to predict the biggest challenges right at the start of my work day, and make an effort to overcome those.

People who work with tech can be superstitious. Do you have a favourite computer superstition or ritual that probably doesn’t work – but you still do it anyway?

My superstition is that when I wake up, I have a plan in my mind, and if I don’t do the plan in my mind in order, I am convinced that my day will be ruined, so I try to stick to that plan without any deviations.

Who is your professional hero?

My first manager – back in 2011, my manager was a technical architect, and he inspired me a lot. In this industry you make a lot of mistakes, but he showed me how I could fix those mistakes and through this broadened my mind.

How did you end up working at Cleverbit?

I used to work in Poland, and at the time I had ten years of experience. I was approached by a recruiter with an opportunity in Malta; I looked into it, and into Cleverbit. It had been some time since I’d worked in a software house, so I was really excited to take the opportunity!

Is there a project that you’ve worked on at Cleverbit that really stood out to you for whatever reason?

I’ve learned a lot in the project I’m working on right now. Despite, or perhaps because of the recurring tasks I find myself doing at this point in my career, I’m learning a lot of new things.

What’s the office culture like at Cleverbit?

I started working here at the beginning of the pandemic, so we were working remotely, but every so often we met up at small organised events. I really missed the closeness of the company, and Cleverbit is so friendly, they’re really helpful, and it’s a great environment.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I was considering being a dentist; I don’t regret not following that path now, but that was my initial career choice.

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