EU Funding for Business: A Digital Transformation and Automation Guide

December 07, 2023

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EU-Approved Funding Overview

The European Union has allocated substantial funding to bolster business growth and innovation over the next five years. These funds are designed to support various initiatives, encompassing assistance for startups and established businesses embarking on digitalisation and other innovative ventures.

Part of the requirements to receive said funding is the provision of a detailed proposal that illustrates the way the funds will be used. As part of our process, we provide a commitment-free proposal for digital transformation projects that can be used to apply for EU funding, which can then be allocated to substantially offset the cost of the implementation phase.

Disclaimer: Please note that while we, at Cleverbit, specialise in tailored software solutions, we are not grant consultants or funding specialists. However, we play a crucial role in EU funding applications by providing detailed solution design, scope, and cost estimations, which are essential components of the application process. We also collaborate with funding specialists like Dr. Edward Firman, who is also a co-writer of this article, to offer further assistance and expertise surrounding the intricacies of the application process.

Available Schemes

A number of schemes are available to help you transform your business. Here are a few of the relevant ones.

Business Consultancy Scheme

Business Consultancy Scheme

Specific funds for startups and established businesses targeting digitalisation initiatives.

Digitalisation Schemes

Digitalisation Schemes

There are two main categories:

Investment Schemes

Here there are two main categories to consider:

What we can help you with

At Cleverbit Software we believe in having a conversation and assisting our clients to transition from a business idea or being trapped by inefficient business processes, to building cost-effective solutions that support their business strategy, for efficiency and growth.

With this in mind, we offer our clients a risk-free proposal whereby we fully understand their needs and deliver a comprehensive solution proposal which outlines the solution design, effort estimation, cost and a clear plan on how to get there. There is no charge for this, only once the client has accepted the proposal, do we sign contracts and start the project development.

Clients who are interested in applying for EU Funding schemes can use our proposal for their application.

We specialise in business intelligence software that helps you make data-driven decisions through real-time dashboards. Our business automation service streamlines your processes and cuts down on manual tasks. Whether you need a project built from scratch or an existing one improved, we focus on delivering tailored solutions with an eye on your return on investment. We can also extend your software development team to accelerate project delivery.


Unlock the potential of EU-approved funding to elevate your digital transformation or business automation projects. As your partner in formulating in-depth technical solutions and providing transparent cost estimates, submit your application with assurance.

Contact us for a consultation, and let’s establish a solid technical foundation for your funding application together.

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